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The 7 Elements of The Good Life

It's easy to say "I want to live a happy, healthy and responsible life",  but where do you start? We live in a fast paced busy lifestyle wherein to make a positive change to our lifestyle...

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Earth is 70% water but only 1% is fit for human use.
How can we conserve it?

Mind the Drip

always remember to turn off the tap in-between.

Don’t Be Toxic

get rid of them the right way by checking with your local recycling center

Take Shorter Showers

Every minute you cut, can save dozens of gallons of water.

Don’t Sprinkle

It’s time to let go of old irrigation systems like sprinklers.

Live in harmony with nature

You may be inclined to think that “living green” means giving up luxuries and comfort and going full Tarzan. That is not the case. It’s mostly about the eco-conscious choices you make in your daily life that eventually add up to a higher-quality lifestyle. Wouldn’t hurt if it also led you to get as fit as Tarzan without the wildness part, right?

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What is sustainable living?

Prioritize long-term positive wins over short-term negative impact wins.

Knowing what are Earth’s resources and how you affect their longevity is an essential part of this lifestyle. And choosing to prioritize long-term safety over quick convenience is the first step in building a sustainable life for ourselves and future generations.

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